Community Engagement

Science Day at The Mead

This video was made at a recent Science Day at The Mead.  Children, staff, parents, community members and beyond were invited to join in with this exciting venture. Read more here.

“If we’re going to create a generation of scientists for the future, we need to work hard to get interesting, real people in front of children at a young age to show them how they can use science in the real world. We want to fascinate and excite them, and help them understand that science is something real, magnificant, extraordinary and something they can’t help wanting to be involved with.”

Lyssy Bolton, Executive Headteacher, The Mead Primary School

A key aim for the Science Day was to involve families and support them to in engaging in learning with their children. The emphasis was on making learning fun…

“The highlight for me was seeing young people from industry coming in and being so excited about what they do and sharing that with our community.”

Rob Cunningham, The Mead Primary School

Grow a better brain!

The mead teaching school grow a better brain project