SLE as a Research Mentor

The Mead’s participation in the NCTL National Research Themes 2 Project: What makes great professional development that leads consistently to great pedagogy? supported the exploration and definition of the role of SLE as a Research Mentor.  This development has been pivotal in shaping the nature and character of The Mead’s strategy for research-engagement.

Our over-arching research question was:

‘What is the role of the Practice Development Partner (SLE and aspirant SLE) in effecting change through research engagement?’

SLE as research mentor learning cafe the mead primary school

Key Claims


  • In the context of a self-improving school system, the role of SLE is pivotal in promoting, leading and facilitating collaborative teacher research and innovation.
  • Establishing the role of SLE as Research Mentor/Coach strongly enhances the capacity and expertise of Teaching School Alliances to lead and engage in high quality research and development.
  • Establishing the role of SLE as Research Mentor/Coach is most effective when supported by a professional culture where learning through research is valued and recognised as a core strategy for school improvement.

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