The Arts

We have a simple philosophy about The Arts at The Mead, stimulated by creativity and imagination; providing visual, tactile and sensory experiences. The appreciation and enjoyment of The Arts enriches all our lives at The Mead and we are committed to providing a rich and varied Arts curriculum for all children.
Artwork by children at The Mead Primary School

Excellent Staff

As a lead school nationally for The Arts, we constantly look for ways to innovate our arts provision. We have highly qualified staff including a Specialist Music Teacher and Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) in Primary Art, English and Computing.

Strong Partnerships

We have very strong partnerships with creative practitioners and cultural organisations and regularly use arts practitioners to enrich the learning of our children.

Arts Council Recognition

We have been recognised by The Arts Council at Trinity House to be a ‘best practice’ Artsmark centre and are currently working alongside them to promote the benefits of Artsmark.

Music at The Mead

Our specialist music teacher leads the delivery of an outstanding music curriculum across all schools and teaches or plans a music curriculum for all pupils within designated music areas. Children have the opportunity to learn an instrument, develop their love of music through performance and gain an understanding of how to compose.  We are accredited as a ‘Platinum Sing Up’ school and children are trained to be ambassador-singing leaders. This has led to collaboration with other local schools and teachers to enable them to feel more confident to lead singing in their own schools and to achieve ‘Sing Up’ Awards themselves. We have a sustained input into our Schools Direct Teachers, some of whom are taking a music specialism during their training with us. We are part of a ‘Music Learning Community’ which brings together children and young people for musical events across the County.

Primary Art

Our Specialist Leader of Education for primary art has responsibility for coverage throughout each year team, oversees, and supports the delivery of art teaching and learning. This includes the provision of professional development for staff in order to enhance skills and confidence. We also provide INSET training in Art for other local schools, offering practical workshops, covering key elements of Art.



Dance is taught effectively across the whole school and is led by a dance specialist. She supports the whole school performance by choreographing dance routines and is developing strong links with dance partners to enhance the delivery of dance across the schools. The school has dance leaders who regularly provide dance opportunities for the children during play times.



Artsmark has helped us to develop and fine-tune our provision for Arts education at The Mead. Our most recent Artsmark validation (June 2013) was highly regarded by our validator, Jayne Stillman: “The school has an infectious effect on visitors and a real appeal comes from the arts on entering the school. The children enjoy this climate every day and were able to impart so many of the experiences, opportunities and vivid learning they had enjoyed.”