Research and Development


The Mead is very proud to have been designated as a Lead School for Research and Development by the National College.  This designation recognises the The Mead’s commitment to research and development as part of their core work.

The Mead’s approach to Research and Development has been celebrated within a recently published National College document How teaching schools are making a difference: part 2.

With two sites serving a rural community, The Mead’s logo features a badger, which has lent itself to the creation of Learning Setts.  These groups promote research practice across the alliance, as well as supporting capacity-building and leadership development.

Supporting a Professional Culture at The Mead

We at The Mead Teaching School recognise research and development as a key driver and enabler for all aspects of the Teaching School Alliance’s work. The establishment of a research culture has shown to be critical in supporting leaders and teachers in understanding research engagement and connecting research with everyday practice.

Research and Development is recognised as a core aspect of school improvement and innovation. Consideration of the values and principles underpinning our work has been critical in guiding and shaping our research strategy – as shown in the diagram to the right.

The Mead is designated by NCTL as a National Lead School for Research and Development.  

Spiral Graphic supporting professional culture

Leadership of enquiry

One focus has been developing the leadership of enquiry, including designing a training programme for building a supportive professional culture and supporting improvement through research. The alliance has also developed a self-assessment e-tool to support research participation and leadership. As well as building teachers’ understanding of the knowledge, skills and attitudes required in research and development (R&D), the tool will also support performance management in this area.

BERA Ethical guidelines

The British Educational Research Association (BERA)  encourages educational research and its application for the improvement of practice.  BERA not only encourages contributions to its publications and events, but also publishes a framework for best practice in the field of educational research.

These guidelines highlight considerations such as confidentiality, voluntary informed consent, disclosure, and sponsor and community responsibility.

The Mead Reports and Publications graphic

At The Mead, we actively encourage and support the creation and publication of school-based research.  Click on the icons below to read these recently produced publications:

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