Workload Challenge

In January 2017, The Mead Teaching School was successful in becoming one of a handful of schools across the country to receive funding from the National College for research into effectively and efficiently reducing teacher workload whilst maintaining or improving standards. The project is called Workload Challenge Research.

In 2014, the Government established review groups made up of teachers, Head Teachers, Ofsted and union representatives to address the biggest concerns raised by teachers at the time. The 3 review groups focused on marking, planning and resources, and data management.

Mead learning communities

The new Workload Challenge Research project will build on the work done by the review groups, by funding school-led research projects to further develop the review groups’ recommendations. The aims of this are for schools to develop:

  • Practices which make sense across all areas of school life
  • Sustainable solutions that tackle workload in each key area, from which other schools can learn
  • Tools and processes that could work as a form of recognition / accreditation for schools which are actively working to keep workload down
  • Ways of evaluating and measuring the impact of practical solutions

The Mead Teaching School will be focusing on planning and resources, and as a lead school for the project we will be working with professional researchers and other partners to investigate the issues associated with reducing workload, as well as developing practical and innovative solutions to address these.

We’ll be investigating the ways in which school culture and organisational issues impact on workload, and evaluating the impact in the classroom to ensure workload is reduced without compromising pupil outcomes.

We’ll be reporting to the National College on our progress regularly, with the final report written in Autumn 2017.

If you have questions or would like to find out more about our research, please contact Kyra Ings, Teaching School Administrator at