The Mead Teaching School and Collaborative Schools Ltd (CSL) is a teaching school alliance based in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. We are a supportive, dynamic and forward thinking enterprise operating against the backdrop of educational reform.

Our students and our passion for their achievement and welfare are at the heart of everything we do. As a group of schools, we are constantly challenging ourselves, continually striving for excellence to ensure an outstanding education for every one of our pupils. This is nothing short of what every child deserves.

We are committed to research and development, and as an ambitious and innovative partnership we believe that true education cannot be gained by working in silos. Research suggests that sustainable improvement comes from support and challenge from other schools and professional partners.

By working together, alongside our community partners to achieve common aims, we are able to be proactive with regard to the needs of our schools, pupils and families, creating strong and dynamic citizens of the future.

Principally our work is directed through two main strands:  Leadership and Learning and Behaviour and Inclusion.

The Mead Teaching School is part of The Mead Academy Trust, and is very proud to have been designated as one of the first Teaching Schools on September 1st 2011. It gives outstanding schools a leading role in the training and professional development of teachers, support staff and headteachers, as well as contributing to the raising of standards through school-to-school support.
Collaborative Schools Ltd (CSL) is a soft federation of fully committed professionals intrinsically linked to The Mead Teaching School programme. There is one shared objective and moral purpose: to ensure the best education for children and the best training for staff. Whilst Headteachers are responsible and accountable for their school’s progress the alliance is there to help, support and advise. Learn more about CSL

Our alliance provides: