Collaborative Schools Ltd (CSL) has grown from a strong history of partnership working between the Trowbridge schools community. Our initial experience of collaborative working, project innovation and effective management originated largely from the previous Government’s Extended Services agenda.

Formally named Trowbridge Area Schools Collaborative (TASC), it was our successes in developing provision to meet both individual and collective needs, whilst building a reputation for effective and efficient delivery, which provided the confidence to formalise our syndicate structures.

The forming of our charitable company marked a pivotal point in the development and scope of co-operative initiatives and our work has now evolved and encompasses, supports and challenges our practice within all areas of the educational agenda.

CSL’s plans were set against the backdrop of radical political change for education. However, with change comes opportunity, and CSL incorporated with a sound financial base.

It was then, and continues to be, our shared moral beliefs and ethos that drives CSL’s culture.  Our values and vision and our charitable objectives are embodied within the company’s Articles of Association reinforcing our commitment to them. Click to view our most recent Company Accounts.

As a group of schools, we strongly believe the formation of CSL signals the way to ensuring a sustainable future for our partnership initiatives that is radical, innovative and exciting, and supports our vision and driving force of outstanding outcomes for every learner.

You can view the list of schools that are members of CSL here.

The charitable purpose of Collaborative Schools Ltd is to promote and advance the education of children, young people and their families especially within the wider Trowbridge community.  It will do this by:

  1. Supporting the development and maintenance of a sustainable, self-improving and progressive school system
  2. Supporting positive personal achievements and outcomes
  3. Reducing barriers to learning, enhancing health and well-being and raising aspirations
  4. Promoting such other charitable purposes that may on occasion be determined