The Mead Primary School was invited to take part in a pilot project with Lego Education to evaluate their StoryStarter kits. These kits were used to enhance English teaching, with a specific focus on speaking, listening and storytelling skills.

Using building plates, bricks and special elements, children created stories, a scene at a time, bringing their ideas to life. They used StoryVisualizer software to write stories in a variety of visual styles, importing the images of the scenes they had made.

Storytelling is a powerful tool for improving literacy and encouraging children to communicate confidently. Sequencing events in a natural order promotes understanding and stimulates the imagination, encouraging creativity and helping pupils to come up with innovative new ideas.

For our first session I told the children that we were exploring how Lego could be used to help write stories. They were so excited! They began to talk about what was happening in their scene and were also keen to teach younger children in the school how to use it and get better at writing their own stories, which I thought was a fab idea!
Louise Harrison, Class Teacher, The Mead Community Primary School

Partnership with English Heritage and Lego Education

During the development of the new Stonehenge visitors centre, children at The Mead Primary School were asked to support the development of the educational workshops and activities that Stonehenge might offer. Children visited Stonehenge and evaluated their current provision,then provided feedback on what they would like to learn and how they learn best.

Staff from English Heritage visited The Mead to listen to the children’s ideas in a ‘market place’ presented by the children.

The partnership with English Heritage and Lego continued, and the school was invited to think about how Lego workshops might be offered to other school groups visiting Stonehenge. As well as using Lego to learn about the different theories of how the stones were moved, the children also had opportunity to take part in literacy workshops focused on poetry, myths and legends. Children individually expressed their ideas by building their responses with Lego.

LEGO® Education and English Heritage Education present the new Myths and Legends Discovery Visit at Stonehenge. The session led by English Heritage staff and volunteers, helps bring the history to life for this group of Year 6 pupils from the Mead Community Primary School – exploring the stones, learning about myths and legends, and creating their own stories using LEGO Education StoryStarter.

We worked closely in partnership with Lego Education and ITN to produce this promotional film, which captured our learning. We hope you enjoy it!