Highly qualified and experienced staff lead and facilitate a range of professional development opportunities for the alliance. We are keen to respond to schools’ individual development needs and create innovative and rigorous bespoke programmes on a needs led basis. These range from individual staff training sessions to long-term whole-school development programmes. Wiltshire Council’s CPD opportunities can be viewed on RightChoice.

You can view everything we offer in our 2019-20 Service Offer. Upcoming highlights that are currently available to book are:

Practical ways for leaders to maximise the way they prioritise time, get more done and make a bigger difference for pupils
Develop your skills in facilitating conversations which support and challenge colleagues in their thinking in order to secure school improvement
This practical CPD will provide a bank of easy to use ideas to engage children in biology, chemistry and physics
This programme explains why children need to work scientifically and how this can be achieved in the classroom
Learn how to introduce computing concepts into the Early Years Foundation Stage, including unplugged activities, simple robots and an introduction to basic iPad programming apps.
Six carefully selected modules that can be booked as a whole programme, or individually, to provide newly / recently appointed Teaching Assistants with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively support Teaching and Learning.
A developmental programme for Teaching Assistants with 3+ years of experience, designed to enhance their skills to have a long-lasting, powerful impact on learning for primary aged children

Early Years Conference 2020

Join Greg Bottrill, author of ‘Can I go and play now?‘ for a day bringing early phonics, reading and writing to life. Suitable for Heads of School, Deputy Headteachers, Early Years practitioners (including Nursery & Reception teachers and TAs) and childminders.

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