Our vision is to support all CSL vulnerable learners in reaching their full potential, and for every child and young person to achieve the best that they possibly can. (All of the opportunities listed here are offered at a highly reduced, lowest cost price to our Member and Associate schools, and some of the items are only available to our Member and Associate schools.  We make every effort to ensure all of these opportunities are available, but please be aware the delivery may be subject to numbers.)

For more information and to access any of these opportunities please contact us,

Educational psychology

Management of an outreach/in school educational psychology service inclusive of supervision, line management and resources. This service incorporates 1:1 work with pupils and collaborative CPD opportunities.

You will be welcomed as a full member of the staff team and encouraged to immerse yourself in all aspects of school life including professional development days, monitoring and evaluation activity, extra-curricular activities, residentials, and community events.

Counselling provision

Management of a counselling service for pupils inclusive of professional supervision and line management.

Outreach specialist provision and assessment for complex SEND

Communications and AS

  • Augmentative and alternative communication
  • ICT
  • Makaton
  • AS


  • PE outreach inclusive of SEND PE festivals
  • Music technology
  • PScale assessment
  • Sensory dome

Specialist services

  • Wheelchair clinics
  • Continence clinics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech and language therapy


  • Sensory studio
  • Hydrotherapy pool

Support for parents

All parenting courses are accessible by completing a simple booking form.

Triple P primary course (5 – 10yrs)

Triple P teen course (11 – 16yrs)

Triple P facilitation supporting Polish families

These are all 5 week courses supported by parent phone consultation

Bitesize Parenting Programme

  • Understanding and managing your child’s anger
  • Understanding and managing your child’s challenging behaviour
  • 2 day programme facilitated by Wiltshire EP team

Community interpreter volunteer programme

  • Trained volunteer interpreters able to promote communication between schools and parents in the Polish language

Multi-agency forum

Termly multi-agency discussion forum allowing the discussion of challenging pupil needs, both on a named and anonymous basis.

In-year fair access panel

Supporting the placement of vulnerable children.