Emma-Jane is a practising maths teacher with fourteen years experience in secondary schools. Having taught in inner city Nottingham for four years she has now works at Malmesbury School. She was an Advanced Skills Teacher for 3 years doing both in-reach and out-reach work, before becoming Head of maths and computing 6 years ago. As head of a core subject and large faculty Emma-Jane is adept at managing staff and leading from the front to ensure the best possible outcomes for students. She was part of the team that implemented the maths TSST programme and supported the level 3 core maths implementation. She has lead the curriculum changes at KS3-5, choosing new SOW and ensuring assessment is thorough and fit for purpose, liaising with exam boards to ensure the faculty stays at the forefront of new developments. Emma-Jane has a PGCertificate in Mathematics Leadership and completed an action research project on the assessment cycle. She runs internal CPD workshops every year on areas such as behaviour management, questioning and being an effective teacher. Emma-Jane has mentored both newly qualified colleagues and those with more experience that need support to improve both within her faculty and in other schools. She is an outstanding teacher and has been observed countless times by internal and external staff to model outstanding practise and also has extensive experience of lesson observation to help staff move forward with their own practise. She has successfully run projects with feeder primary schools and has done a lot of work on engaging students with maths outside of the classroom.


‘Extremely supportive and able to adapt to whatever the requirements were of other classes and staff in the department’

‘Students in intervention group very much enjoyed the sessions, I think down to the imaginative use of tasks and the enthusiasm of the AST.’

‘Productive feedback from observations…Positive role in team teaching…Well prepared and indexed resources made available’

Support is available in a wide variety of ways, for example:

Assessment cycle
Curriculum planning – KS3-5
Raising the profile of maths with students and across the school and community
Cross-curricular approach
Developing thinking skills (CAME)
Questioning techniques
Classroom management and behaviour for learning
AfL – from learning objectives to assessment procedures
Support for NQTs
Providing resources
Developing teaching and learning in maths